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The following schematic diagrams are being provided to help you understand the time requirements and specific procedures involved in dental implant treatment. As illustrated and described below, your treatment is a collaborative effort between our office and an implant surgeon.

General dentist AND implant surgeon assess space remaining as well as bone quantity and quality.

Under local anesthetic OR intravenous sedation, an osteotomy (hole) is drilled into the jaw bone.

Discomfort after the surgery is typically minimal and is managed with mild pain relievers, use of ice packs, and by carefully following post-surgery care instructions.

The implant is inserted and is ideally completely surrounded by bone.

However, sometimes bone loss or a bone defect may leave the implant partially exposed. If this is the case, bone grafting is performed to enhance the stability of the implant.

Once the implant is in place, the gum tissue is sutured over the implant area.  The implant will remain in the bone under the gum tissue for a period of 3 - 4 months.

During this time, the bone will bond to the implant through a process known as osseointegration.  After 3 – 4 months, the stability of the implant within the bone will be verified, and a second minor surgery will be performed to "uncover" or expose the implant.

At the "uncovering" surgery, a temporary "healing cap" will be screwed into the implant. Shortly after the gums have healed, Dr. Koch will take an impression which is used to make your new abutment and crown.

At the next visit, the temporary "healing cap" will be removed and replaced with a final abutment post that extends the implant past the gum line.

After the abutment post is screwed into the implant, either a temporary crown or the permanent crown is cemented.

If the gum tissue needs to be shaped or expanded, a temporary crown will be placed for 4-6 weeks. An additional appointment and impression is required in this scenario before the permanent crown can be delivered.

The final result shows the replacement of a single missing tooth with an implant, abutment, and crown.

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