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  1. Brush and floss the teeth before use of the trays, thus removing plaque and food debris.
  2. Place about six drops of 5,000 ppm fluoride gel in each of the trays, spaced equally around the inside of the trays. Well-known products are PreviDent 5000 Plus (Colgate), Fluoridex (Discus Dental), and ControlRx™ (3M OMNI).
  3. On placing the trays in the mouth, the fluoride gel is forced into a thin film thickness around each of the teeth.
  4. The excess fluoride should be spit out.
  5. Leave the trays in the mouth for five minutes.
  6. On removal of the trays, the actions that follow differ depending on whether or not you live in a fluoridated area
    6a. If you live in a fluoridated area where the drinking water contains 1 ppm fluoride and you drink tap water, rinse vigorously with water and spit out the fluoride residue when the trays are removed. This eliminates the chance that you may be ingesting or receiving more fluoride than advisable.
    6b. If you do not drink fluoridated water or receive any other significant source of fluoride, the excess fluoride gel should be spit out and the residue of the fluoride left in the mouth when the trays are removed.
  7. Fluoride application in trays should be accomplished at least once per day, just before going to bed in the evening. If you have been informed that you are at high-risk for future dental decay, the tray application can be increased to two applications, one after breakfast and one just before going to bed.

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