Traveling for the Holidays? Dentist in Cary Treats Dental Emergencies

December 31, 2017

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woman with toothacheNow is a busy time of year as you travel for the holidays. While you prepare for your trip, those plans do not include an unexpected dental emergency. Although you can never tell when one is going to occur, it is best to plan for it anyway as one is six Americans will have one this year. If the unexpected occurs while you are traveling, it is best to find a dentist in Cary who can provide you with the immediate care you need to save your tooth from an extraction.

Don’t Wait to Call a Dentist

When a dental emergency occurs while you are away from home, you may be tempted to wait until you return to see your emergency dentist. However, if you wait, it could result in the loss of your tooth. As with any emergency, time is of the utmost importance. It is best to find an emergency dentist in Cary right away to quickly treat the problem, so you can get back to enjoying your vacation.

In addition to dental care, there are several things you can do while you wait for your appointment to help make the situation easier.

Knocked Out or Dislodged Tooth

In some cases, a knocked-out tooth can be put back in place. Hold it by the crown and rinse it with water. Do not use soaps, cleaners, or dry it. Try to reinsert it back into the socket. If you cannot, place it in a cup of milk.

If the tooth has not been fully knocked out, but only moved out of position, gently try to push is back into place. Bite on a piece of gauze to prevent it from moving.

Severe Toothache

Sudden tooth pain is often a sign of an infection that needs immediate treatment. While you wait for your appointment, use over-the-counter pain relievers.

Broken or Cracked Tooth

Keep the tooth clean and avoid placing pressure on it. Use cold compresses and pain relievers to manage your discomfort.

Lost/Broken Crown or Filling

Do not try to fix it on your own. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water and keep the tooth clean. Avoid chewing on it and use home remedies to manage any pain that may occur.

Broken Dentures

If a denture or another oral appliance breaks, stop using it right away. Do not try to fix it on your own. Instead, call an emergency dentist to have it repaired.

Plan Ahead for a Dental Emergency

While making your travel plans, take the time to find an emergency dentist in the area. It is better to have a location in mind should the unexpected happen than to be caught off guard while you are away from home.

About Dr. Darren Koch

Dr. Darren Koch is a trusted and reputable dentist in the community. Due to his exceptional training, qualifications, and affiliations, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. If you have a dental emergency while traveling, contact our office today for a same-day appointment.

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