Your Dentist Speaks Out About Sleep Apnea Treatment in Cary

June 19, 2017

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Get sleep apnea treatment in Cary from your dentist.If your dentist has recently recommended that you undergo a study for sleep apnea, you may be a bit caught off-guard. In fact, you might even brush off their advice because they are not a medical physician. However, if you do not take their advice seriously, you could be placing your health and life at risk. Even through a dentist is not a medical doctor, they are specially trained to recognize the signs of the sleep disorder and play a vital role in its treatment. Dr. Darren Koch understands that you may be a bit hesitant to take medical advice from a dentist, but as a provider for sleep apnea treatment in Cary, he encourages you to think twice before ignoring his advice.

How Can a Dentist Detect Sleep Apnea?

Contrary to common belief, a dentist does more than just promote the health of the teeth and gums. They are qualified to access the throat, airways, nose, and mouth, which are key areas used to detect the presence of sleep apnea.

This condition is a sleep disorder that causes numerous pauses in breathing frequently throughout the night due to obstructions in the airway, like the throat and mouth. While performing your routine checkup, your dentist may find abnormalities that could be causing your airways to collapse. In addition, your dentist knows other symptoms of the condition, like open mouth breathing, dry mouth, headaches, and poor sleep quality. Although you may not be aware that these issues are linked to the sleep disorder, they will alert your dentist to the possibility of the condition while speaking with you during your appointment.

If your dentist suspects you may have the condition, he will recommend you undergo a sleep study. You will be monitored while you sleep to check your oxygen levels and respiratory functions. If the results find that the sleep disorder is present, it is vital for you to seek treatment.

Where Can I Get Treatment for Sleep Apnea?

Untreated sleep apnea will cause a significant decrease in your quality of life and can produce deadly consequences over time. Therefore, it is essential you seek treatment in Cary. Sleep apnea treatment is available with Dr. Koch.

He offers the most preferred treatment using an oral appliance. This custom-fit device is worn at night while you sleep to reposition the jaw forward. By doing so, the airways are kept open to prevent the pauses in breathing. This allows you to maintain proper oxygen levels to breathe easier while protecting your health and quality of life.

In some cases, an oral appliance may not be effective and you will need a CPAP machine. This delivers a stream of air through a mask that is worn over the mouth or nose to keep the airways open.

How Can My Dentist Help Me?

If your dentist has recently suggested the potential of sleep apnea, do not ignore his warning. You need to have a sleep study performed to properly diagnose and treat the disorder. If you have the condition, contact our office today to schedule a consultation for treatment.


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