Protect Your Dental Implants by Breaking These 4 Bad Habits

October 18, 2023

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Dental implants are known for their longevity, often being able to last for 30 years or more. But while dental implants are certainly reliable, you still need to be careful with them; the wrong habits could cause them to break or fail given enough time. Are you worried about your ability to protect your dental implants? Here are 4 habits that you need to stay away from for the sake of your rebuilt smile.

1. Eating Too Much Sugar

The harmful bacteria in your mouth thrive off sugar. Consequently, people who eat a lot of sugary foods tend to have a higher risk for oral health issues such as gum disease. This is an issue because gum disease can weaken the tissues around your implant posts, eventually leading to implant failure.

You don’t need to swear off sugar entirely, but you should be careful about maintaining a diet that won’t put your dental implants at risk. Try eating fewer sweets and more foods that are good for gum health, like leafy greens and yogurt.

2. Biting Down on Hard Objects

Just like your teeth, your dental implants are only meant to be used to chew food; they are not made to withstand the stress of frequently biting down on pen caps, popcorn kernels, fingernails, or any other kind of hard object.

Pay attention to what you’re putting in your mouth. Try to avoid chewing any hard objects that might break your dental implants or the restorations they support. If you need to chew on something, sugarless gum is often a good substitute.

3. Using Cigarettes

There is a reason why patients are told to avoid smoking after getting dental implants. The nicotine in cigarettes can interfere with the healing process and potentially stop the jawbone from forming a strong bond with the dental implant posts. On top of that, cigarettes are known to increase the chances of gum disease occurring.

It’s often difficult to give up smoking altogether, but doing so is typically the best choice for your dental implants. While breaking the habit can take a while, it will ultimately be worth it.

4. Skipping Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Do you often head off to work or go straight to bed without brushing your teeth first? If you’re not taking the time to practice good oral hygiene, it could result in gum disease, thus causing problems for your dental implants and the rest of your smile.

Make sure that you are consistently brushing and flossing at least twice every day. Try to pay extra close attention to the area around your dental implants; the last thing you want is for bacteria to slip under your prosthesis where they’ll be hard to remove.

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Dr. Darren Koch went to The University at Buffalo, where he eventually earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery and graduated in the top 15% of his class. Today, he is partnered with highly qualified oral surgeons so that his patients can have dental implants placed by experts. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Koch at his practice in Cary, visit his website or call (919) 859-6633.

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