4 Cool Facts About Dental Implants

December 9, 2021

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Dental implants sitting in model jaw

You might think dental implants are only good for replacing teeth. Namely, they don’t stand out more than similar services like dentures or bridges. However, that’s far from the case — implants have more to them than most would expect.

Here are four lesser-known facts about dental implant treatment, explained by your Cary dentist. See for yourself that it can do more than just fill smile gaps.

Implant Surgery Isn’t Painful or Threatening

Given that it implants a prosthesis into your jawbone, some assume dental implant surgery must be painful. Yet the truth is closer to the opposite: Done rightly, implant treatment isn’t any more uncomfortable than other dental work.

First of all, your dentist will numb you with local anesthesia before the procedure. First, your dentist will numb you with local anesthesia before the procedure. Therefore, you won’t feel the implant being placed. You’ll experience some pressure at most, but that won’t hurt.

As an extra precaution, many dentists also offer dental sedation for implant insertion. Taking medication or other agents beforehand can help you relax for the dental work ahead.

Implants Will Help You Look Younger

Left untreated, tooth loss inevitably leads to bone loss in your jaw. Without tooth roots to fill them, the jawbone is slowly dissolved by your body to direct its unused minerals elsewhere. That can lead to your mouth looking sunken or concave, a condition known as facial collapse.

Dental implants can rectify this problem. Once placed, they keep teeth from tilting and stem the loss of jaw tissue. That way, they restore your smile and make your face appear fuller and younger.

Implants Will Improve Your Health & Nutrition

Far from merely cosmetic, dental implants can boost your physical health too. Due to being permanent and fixed, they restore enough of a person’s bite strength to allow for a varied diet.

It’s challenging to chew foods high in necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins without decent teeth.  A study even recently found that people who lost five or more teeth by 65 had a higher risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Implants Don’t Have to Be Expensive

If you know specific tools and methods, dental implants’ cost doesn’t need to be too high. The right insurance policy and payment plan — including flexible financing — can reduce your expense.

Also, consider that dental implants may be the more affordable way overall. Even if they need a moderate up-front cost, you’ll benefit from their high success rate and durability. With proper dental care, your implants could keep your mouth full, white, and shiny for twenty years or more!

As you can see, implant treatment has unique benefits compared to other dental services. When or if you need artificial teeth, talk to your dentist about it as a potential choice.

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Dr. Darren Koch is a dentist practicing in Cary, NC, having earned his DDS from the University of Buffalo. He’s worked in the field for nearly twenty years and continues to offer a wide range of general and cosmetic tooth services. Whether it’s preventive treatments, emergency care, or implant dentistry, he’s ready to meet almost any dental need. He currently practices at his self-titled clinic and can be reached by phone at (919)-859-6633.

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